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Campus Labs is mobile-ready!

Campus Labs is excited to announce that in addition to our native mobile application for Apple devices, we have just released technology that will format web surveys to fit your personal mobile devices. This means that anyone accessing a survey link via their smartphone or tablet will see the survey optimized to the screen of their particular device, no matter which operating system (e.g., Apple, Android) it uses.

So grab your devices and check it out! You can use a barcode scanner app on the QR code below to see what all the fuss is about.













(For more info on how to use QR codes in assessment, stay tuned! We’ll be sharing some ideas later this week.)

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One comment on “Campus Labs is mobile-ready!
  1. Judd says:

    How cool! I was just visiting last week with our ASG President about using QR codes for some of the polling that he wants to do. Very excited to hear more from y’all!

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