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Your Roadmap to Success Video Contest

A student’s path a college can be a winding, twisting one. Decoding just what makes the biggest impact for success is part of what keeps us all digging into the data each day.

I shared a quote at one of our member meetings recently that really resonated with me, from Brene Brown (who I am very excited to see in person at ACPA next week!). She gave a TEDTalk that included the quote: “Maybe stories are just data with a soul.”

So while I’m not giving up on graphs or stats anytime soon, I’m very excited to announce that we are engaging in an exciting initiative to collect those soulful stories about just what makes for a successful student. Our Roadmap to Your Success Video Contest asks students to make a two minute video about the tools and resources their colleges provide to help make them successful students.

To enter, we are inviting students to submit a two-minute video via YouTube or Vimeo addressing the following questions:

  • Explain how your college or university helps you in your quest to achieve your degree. What tools and resources does your campus provide to help you on this quest? Examples could include career services, academic advisement, student groups, online tools, etc. Please be as specific as possible.
  • How does having these tools/resources on campuses, help you manage academic and personal commitments to successfully reach your goal of graduating? Also tell us how you have used these tools/resources?
  • If you could offer one recommendation to a new college student about using the tools/resources your college/university provide, what would it be?

Three winning videos will be chosen and featured on our website, with each featured video winner receiving a cash prize and the grand prize winner receiving $1,500. A $1,500 grant will be awarded to the Member Campus from which the grand prize student is selected from. Winners will be chosen by a panel including some of our Client Advisory Board members using a rubric (obviously, since we are all assessment geeks here!).

As a Member Campus, we would like your assistance in promoting the contest to your students. You can download flyers or even create events on your CollegiateLink sites to promote this scholarship opportunity.

Entries are due April 29. We hope you encourage students on your campus to participate and look forward to viewing the videos they submit. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

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