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Jessica Kitt

The 2015 #CollegiateLink Swag Awards

By Jess Kitt Who doesn’t love a free magnet, t-shirt or pen?  I know I do! This winter we decided to recognize the creative ways our Campus Labs® CollegiateLink campuses market their sites. Over the course of two months, we

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Jessica Kitt

Making the Most Out of Student Leader Training at UConn

Have you ever wished you had time in your student organization leader training to actually teach leadership skills without sacrificing important policy and procedure information?  This past spring, the University of Connecticut  revised their Student Organization Leaders Intentional Development (SOLID)

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Ryan O'Connell

Announcing Corq


Remember 2005? You know… before anyone could become internet famous on YouTube and when everyone decorated their MySpace page for hours with sparkle cursors and just the right profile pic. Since those nascent days of what we now think of

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Annemieke Rice

Behind The Scenes with the Campus Success Team

The Campus Success team here in Buffalo is aptly named – from implementation to front-end support, everything we do is designed to help our campuses achieve their goals. With a team comprised of both friendly support staff and consultants who

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More Assessment is needed in Student Activities (Part 1 of 2)

Campus Labs has a long history of working with many of the associations that serve college and university professionals in the area of student affairs. Our partnerships have often produced exciting collaborations which pair our experience in the areas of

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